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25mm Old Glory knights from their Italian Wars range

25mm 15th century from Grenadier (left) and Foundry


15mm Rank and File


25mm Scotts from Qualitycast and Foundry


1/72 scale plastic Medievals Revell, Italiery and Strelets


25mm Old Glory


25mm Irish cavalry from Old Glory (some models are from their Pict range)


Those are Essex riders, Old Glory and Essex horses and Mirliton oval shields. Standard Bearer is from "Crusades" range, the rest are from Medieval Russians range.

Black Tree Design 14th, early 15th c. Cavalry


25mm Stradiots from Old Glory


70mm Late Medieval infantryman from some Spanish manufacturer


54mm 1066 viniette from Conti


25mm Civilians from Old Glory


European Knights from Exillis game


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