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My name is Igor Olshansky and I live in New York, USA. If you have any questions or requests feel free to contact me:


I usually charge $7 for high quality paint job for standard 25mm/28mm foot figure and $14 for a horseman figure. I charge $3 for 15mm foot and $6 for 15mm horseman figure. Price includes free basing, but it's optional as I realise that some of you want matching bases. Some character figures with a lot of clatter (like some latest Sci-Fi and Fantasy figures) may cost more. Elephants, dragons and other monsters may cost more. It's hard to tell until I actually finish painting, I can only estimate. Figures and kits that require A LOT of gluing will cost more. I also paint 40mm/54mm figures and 10mm/6mm figures.


I do not paint Napoleonic or any other period with strict uniforms/colors.


15mm figures from Essex and Irregular. Medieval Cavalry and Infantry